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Is Wyoming a no-fault car insurance state?

Here's what you need to know...
  • Wyoming is a tort (fault) state
  • Wyoming requires mandatory minimum coverage for drivers
  • Failure to carry auto insurance in Wyoming is a misdemeanor
  • Comparison shopping for great rates and discount deals is recommended

The great state of Wyoming is a territory many millions of people make their home. Driving around Wyoming can be a true joy thanks to the scenery all across the region.

Drivers do need to be very careful when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Getting carried away watching the scenery or being otherwise negligent can lead to an accident.

Who is responsible for paying for the cause of an accident in Wyoming?

The question can be learned, in part, by answering another question: Is Wyoming a no-fault state? A closer look at the laws and statutes of vehicle and insurance laws in Wyoming reveals the answer.

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What is no-fault car insurance?

No-fault auto insurance is a policy in which the policyholder makes a claim against their insurance company regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

So, if Driver A is injured through the fault of Driver B, Driver A files a claim with his own insurance company. Driver A may be able to sue Driver B, but only under the conditions defined by state law.

Tort (fault) auto insurance refers to policies sold in states in which the person responsible — at fault — for the accident can be sued for damages.

Among the damages that can be sued for are:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

For someone with liability coverage on an auto policy, the insurance policy would cover the losses up to the limits of coverage.

What are the main differences here?

Simply put, no-fault insurance places requirements on the injured party to file a claim against their own insurance company. Tort insurance rules mean the injured party needs to sue or seek a settlement from the other driver’s auto insurance company.

Is Wyoming a no-fault state?


Purchasing mandatory auto liability insurance is a requirement in the state of Wyoming; in other words, Wyoming is a fault (tort) state.

The positive of mandatory auto liability coverage is that a person required to buy coverage has a financial safety net in place in case they are at fault for an accident.

Although, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is not mandatory in Wyoming as it is in the state of New Jersey.

Collision and comprehensive are not required either, which is not surprising. These are add-on insurance coverage options for those who wish to protect themselves financially.

Collision protects from damage drivers inflict on their own cars. Comprehensive protects drivers against errant damage or loss to their vehicles from weather, vandalism, and even theft.

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Auto Insurance in Wyoming

Mandatory coverage may be helpful in a way, but the amount required by law might not do much in a serious accident. The minimum amounts of coverage in Wyoming are not very much:

  • Injury or death is $25,000 per person up to a maximum of $50,000 for one accident
  • The minimum for property damage is $20,000

Of course, upping one’s insurance is always possible. Diligent comparison shopping could lead to acquiring $500,000/$500,000 insurance coverage for a reasonable rate.

Drivers who have never had to deal with being at fault for an accident often think their insurance policy will cover everything in the advent of an accident, which is not entirely accurate.

If someone is sued beyond their policy, they are responsible for the remaining balance.

Those hit by an uninsured driver may find it better to file a claim with their insurance company after purchasing uninsured motorist protection. Doing so would be a much easier matter than having to file suit against someone and dealing with the civil court system and all its costs.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is usually very easy to add to a policy.

Those who do not purchase auto insurance in Wyoming and choose to drive without it may find themselves in trouble with the law.

Driving without insurance is a misdemeanor in the state of Wyoming and comes with a $250 to $750 fine and, possibly, up to six months in jail.

Yes, driving without insurance is something taken very seriously in “The Equality State.”

Finding the Best Car Insurance Coverage in Wyoming


In order to get the right coverage in place, drivers need to buy the best policy from a reliable insurance company. Looking at only one or two insurance companies is not a thorough plan. Instead, compare insurance rates from a number of different companies.

Those who already have a policy in place should review their current coverage once every six months. Request and compare three or four new policies. Doing so may help the cause of finding a better and less costly auto insurance plan.

And remember there are discounts available to those wishing to acquire car insurance. Common ways of getting discounts include:

  • Remain a good driver or attend a defensive driving course
  • Obtain multi-line and multi-vehicle discounts
  • Seek out good student discounts
  • Install anti-theft devices

Discounts do more than just make an insurance policy inexpensive. A driver is able to procure far more added coverage onto the policy. In doing so, they end up with a much better financial safety net.

Take all this as a solid recommendation for shopping around to locate the best available deals on affordable and wide-ranging auto insurance in Wyoming.

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