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Here's what you need to know...
  • Auto insurance is required in Wyoming so that all drivers have financial protection after a car accident
  • Drivers are only required to carry liability limits of 25,000/50,000/20,000 but can buy more coverage if desired
  • If you’re caught without insurance, you could be ordered to pay a fine of $750 and sentenced to six months in jail
  • When you’re looking for cheap insurance, it’s important to look for a carrier with a strong financial rating
  • Your age, gender, address, vehicle type, driving history, experience, and credit can all affect your future premiums

If you live in Big Wyoming, you’re required under state law to carry car insurance for as long as you own a vehicle. Since the state’s motto is “Equal Rights,” it’s only fair that all drivers must comply with the state auto insurance laws when they legally own a registered vehicle.

Buying auto insurance isn’t on the top of the list of exciting things to do, but it’s pertinent that you know what you’re buying.

Wyoming may be home to the cowboy, but in today’s modern age even cowboys drive their personal vehicles around town instead of riding a horse.

Since premiums in the state are fairly low compared to national averages, only around 8.7 percent of Wyoming drivers are uninsured.

You can find a great deal on your coverage if you know what to look for. Here’s a guide to finding cheap insurance in Wyoming.

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Why do you need insurance?

Do you know why auto insurance is required? After all, the state doesn’t say that you must have property insurance, life insurance, or even disability insurance.

It’s frustrating to pay for insurance month after month when you never need to file a claim, but you need the protection because you never know when you might have a loss.

The main reason that the state requires auto insurance is because of how much damage you can do while you’re driving your car.

By requiring at least a minimum amount of insurance, you will have the financial protection that helps pay for third-party medical bills, pain and suffering settlements, and property damage. Coverage for your own damages isn’t required.

What are the insurance laws in the state of Wyoming?


If you own a car that has valid license plates in Wyoming, you have to carry insurance with a Wyoming insurer licensed to sell personal lines insurance.

You must maintain the mandatory coverage on your vehicle at all times but can elect to purchase more insurance than what’s required. Here are the current motor vehicle liability requirements under state law:

  • $25,000 per person in Bodily Injury Liability to pay for medical bills and related expenses
  • $50,000 per occurrence in Bodily Injury Liability to pay for medical bills and related expenses for multiple people
  • $20,000 per accident in Property Damage Liability to pay for property repair costs

– You Must Carry Proof of Insurance At All Times

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You’re not just required to have insurance, but you’re also required to carry proof of insurance in your car at all times.

If you get pulled over and you can’t show the officer that you have a valid ID card, you could be cited and fined. If you misplace your card, you have seven days to show proof that your insurance was valid when you were pulled over.

– What are the penalties for driving without insurance?

Court officials take no insurance citations very seriously. If you’re ordered to appear in court, you can ask the judge to give you a reduced penalty, but the request isn’t always granted.

If you are convicted, the lowest fine you will be ordered to pay is $250; habitual offenders could be ordered to pay $750.

You could also be sentenced to six months in jail or a combination of a fine and jail time.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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– What is a fault-based system?

There are two types of auto insurance systems. There’s the no-fault system and the fault-based system.

Wyoming is a fault-based state where it’s the negligent driver’s legal duty to pay for damages that they cause while driving their vehicle. Wyoming being a fault-based state is why third-party liability coverage is required.

– Comparison Shopping to Find Cheap Rates

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The average consumer in the state of Wyoming pays $668 per year for coverage.

Wyoming is ranked 42nd for auto insurance expenditures in all of the states.

While the average rates are relatively low, it doesn’t hurt to make an effort to find the lowest rates possible.

The best ways to find a bargain-priced plan is to comparison shop. There are a lot of licensed insurers in Wyoming, and they all have different rates.

Compare quotes with a handful of carriers before you settle on a quote. You also can’t forget how important it is to find a financially stable company that is able to pay for claims.

Additional Coverage Options Available in Wyoming

Before you start to shop around for cheap insurance, you should assess how much coverage you need.

Just because you’re only required to carry state minimums doesn’t mean you can’t buy higher limits if you can afford to.

Higher limits will protect your assets and could even protect you in court if you’re sued after an accident.

You can also add optional coverage to your policy that will provide you with your coverage benefits. These coverage options are classified as first-party coverage because they will be paid to you and not others.

Here’s some of the types of coverage to consider adding to your insurance:

  • Comprehensive — Pays for damage to your vehicle if it’s damaged in a fire, flood, vandalism attempt, or other similar perils
  • Collision — Pays for damage to your vehicle after a collision
  • Medical Payments — Pays for your reasonable medical expenses regardless of fault
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage — Pays for your medical bills and pain and suffering when injured by an uninsured motorist

What factors influence how much you pay?

A lot of rating factors are used to determine your rates. Some of these factors change over time, and others are beyond your control.

The two factors that influence your rates and you’ll never be able to change are your age and gender. Younger drivers and elderly drivers are always considered high risk.

It’s in your power to control some of the factors that strongly influence your rates. You should know that even factors that don’t seem related to your driving can influence how likely you will be to file a claim.

Here is a list of the common factors that influence auto insurance rates:

  • Driving history
  • Driving experience
  • Credit score
  • Vehicle type
  • Educational attainment
  • Garaging address
  • Profession
  • Vehicle usage
  • Annual mileage

Discounts on Car Insurance

Wyoming car insurance carriers must offer their clients discounts if they qualify. You should look for carriers that have additional discount offerings that aren’t available through every company. The key to finding cheap Wyoming insurance is to stack discounts.

Here are some of the standard discounts offered:

  • Experienced driver
  • Student away
  • Good student
  • Multi-line discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Driving training
  • Loyalty
  • Continuous coverage

Shopping around the Wyoming insurance marketplace can be time-consuming. One way to save time and money at the same time is to use an online rate comparison tool and review your policy every six months.

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Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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