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The 8 Best Motorcycle Roads in Wyoming

Here's what you need to know...
  • Motorcycles are popular because they make you look cool and put you closer to nature
  • Wyoming offers some of the country’s best roads to ride your motorcycle
  • There are eight roads, in particular, that stand out as the best Wyoming has to offer
  • You can take several steps to ensure you’re always safe on your motorcycle

Wyoming offers a fantastic location to ride motorcycles. The population density is low, the roads are uncluttered, and the scenery is top-notch.

Better still, the state has several roads and highways in particular that are a motorcyclist’s paradise.

If you are looking to traverse across Wyoming soon on a motorcycle, make sure you are adequately covered first! Enter your ZIP code above and start comparing auto insurance today!

What makes motorcycles popular?

Perhaps you’re new to riding motorcycles. Maybe you just moved to Wyoming from somewhere with more traffic and more congestion and now want to try this exciting hobby.

So why are motorcycles so popular? There are several reasons.

– They Make You Look Cool!

Draw a mental picture of a guy behind the wheel of a typical Chevy Malibu, and then draw another mental picture of the same guy straddling a Harley. Is there any question of which scenario makes him look cooler?

There’s just something about motorcycles that looks edgy and cool. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot more admiring glances when you’re astride your hog.

– They Offer a Sense of Freedom


Driving a car or truck can be fun, but you don’t feel the same sense of freedom when you’re boxed in like that.

On a motorcycle, you feel the wind whipping your face, and there’s no windshield separating you from the scenic views stretching out in front of you. The freedom is exhilarating!

– They Bring You Into the Biker Community

Few communities are as close-knit as the motorcycle community. To hang out with bikers and be part of this community, it helps to have a bike.

The community is exceptionally strong in Wyoming. You’ll never be without friends to ride with on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

– They Allow You to Get Closer to Nature

pexels-photo-116229 (1)

Wyoming is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife.

With a motorcycle, you can pull right off the road and gaze at the elk in the woods or the bald eagle flying above.

Unlike in a car, when you’re riding free on a motorcycle, you feel like you’re a part of nature and not just a casual observer.

What Makes for a Good Motorcycle Road

AdobeStock_78189033-1600x1600 (7)

Now that you’re in Wyoming and have your bike, it’s time to get out on the roads and explore. The state is famous for its incredible motorcycle roads.

But what makes for a good motorcycle road, anyway? It should offer the following features.

– Twists and Turns

Good motorcycle roads have twists and turns just like roller coasters do. It’s more fun to ride when you’re constantly changing directions and shifting your balance. Of course, you should always obey speed limits and traffic laws for safety.

But the good news is, Wyoming offers some flexibility to cut loose. The state speed limit on rural freeways is 80 miles per hour.

– Scenery

An excellent motorcycle road gives you something to see. Wyoming offers mountains, vistas, prairies, valleys, and more.

The scenery is diverse, and there’s always something new to gaze at while you ride. No matter how fun the road is, it just isn’t the same if you’re cruising through a warehouse district.

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– Free-Flowing

It’s never fun to ride a motorcycle when the road is clogged with traffic. That’s why no one ever calls the 405 in Los Angeles a biker’s paradise. You want the path to be free-flowing with lots of room to breathe.

Fortunately, Wyoming, with the nation’s second-lowest population density (trailing only Alaska), is mostly bereft of congestion.

Top 8 Roads for Motorcycles in Wyoming

#1 – Big Horn Mountain Loop

Length of Route: 26 miles
Highlight: Wildlife and Scenery

What the Big Horn Mountain Loop lacks in length, it makes up for with breathtaking views. You never know what wildlife you’ll see as you ride along; it could be an elk, a bald eagle, or a bull moose.

The loop sits within a National Forest, so you know the road conditions are great. It’s full of twists and turns and curves and hills!

#2 – The Wind River Canyon Run

Length of Route: 32 miles
Highlight: Plunging into a canyon 2,500 feet below the earth’s surface

The Wind River Canyon Run offers a biking experience you won’t find anywhere else. The route is a straight shot from Shoshoni to Thermopolis that takes you along the Wind River.

You’ll whip around tight turns and navigate tunnels burrowed deep into the mountains. Of course, the real fun comes when you plunge into the Wind River Canyon and descend to a half-mile below the earth’s surface, and then come shooting out the other side.

#3 – WY Route 14: Sheridan

Length of Route: 27 miles
Highlight: Long straightaways with nary a car in sight

Wyoming State Route 14 takes you through the farm country between Sheridan and Ucross. It alternates between seemingly endless straightaways and tight turns.

The scenery is best described with one word: serene.

You won’t see anything crazy, and the ride isn’t particularly intense. This route offers the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon, just you and your bike.

#4 – Beartooth Pass

Length of Route: 50 miles
Highlight: The Overlook in Montana

Beartooth Pass starts across the state line in Montana, drops you into Wyoming for 25 miles, and then brings you back across the line into Montana again.

Bikers come from all over the country to enjoy this ride, and for one reason: it is intense! Expect lots of hairpin turns, switchbacks, and steep terrain.

If you’re an inexperienced rider, you might want to save this one for later. But if you know how to ride, Beartooth Pass awaits!

#5 – Chief Joseph Scenic Highway – Bighorn Mountains

Length of Route: 200 miles
Highlight: 10,000-foot Vertical Ascent

The Chief Joseph Scenic Highway takes you across the state’s northern reaches, from Yellowstone National Park to the Bighorn Mountains. The road quality is top-notch, and the ride itself is easier and more relaxing than thrill-providing Beartooth Pass.

This one is best if you’re looking to spend an entire day enjoying all the different scenery Wyoming offers. It’s three separate mountain treks combined into one fabulous ride.

#6 – The “Lasso” from Sturgis to Devils Tower

Length of Route: 110 miles
Highlight: Devils Tower National Monument

The “Lasso” starts in perhaps the biker’s mecca of America, Sturgis and then takes you to the Devils Tower National Monument, an igneous rock formation in the Bear Lodge Mountains. It’s a must-see!

From there, you can head to Sundance or Moorcroft — both routes cover the same distance — and, if you wish, hop on I-90 and head back to Sturgis. It’s a relaxing ride with lots of rolling hills and picturesque scenery.

#7 – Scenic Route from Custer, SD to Devils Tower, WY

Length of Route: 189 miles
Highlight: Devils Tower

The end of the Scenic Route from Custer to Devils Tower is the same as the end of the “Lasso.” But the ride up from Custer takes you all the way through the Black Hills National Forest and then along the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway.

This road features sweeping curves, high bluffs, and steep ascents and descents.

You get to experience it all while making your way through some of the densest foliage in the Mountain West.

#8 – The Southern Caribou National Forest Loop

Length of Route: 40 miles
Highlight: The Caribou National Forest

The Southern Caribou National Forest Loop starts in Wyoming and brings you full circle. But most of the ride is in Idaho.

It gives you the most diverse scenery mix of any ride on the list. You’ll see mountains, cattle country, open fields, and even a patch of desert. And the Caribou National Forest itself is something to behold!

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Trips

Now that you know where to ride in Wyoming, here are some tips to stay safe.

  • Have the right insurance coverage — Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Always compare three to four policies before making a decision. Once you have coverage, be sure to review it every six months to ensure it’s still right for you.
  • Wear the right gear — Motorcycle safety gear consists of more than a helmet and pads. Always wear bright, reflective clothing, especially if you plan to ride at night.
  • Drive defensively — Remember that other vehicles are larger than you. That means you’ll come in second place in a collision. Look out for the other person, and assume they aren’t looking out for you.
  • Avoid inclement weather — A motorcycle isn’t a Jeep. It isn’t designed for all-weather riding. Keep it in the garage when there’s snow, ice, or excessive rain.
  • Look out for road hazards — Debris in the road is a minor inconvenience to a car or truck. But it can throw you off your bike and cause significant injury. Keep your eyes looking far in front of you so that you notice all road hazards in time to adjust.

Wyoming is a fantastic place to ride, and it offers many routes that make motorcycling a joy. Just be sure to have the right insurance in place and always make an effort to stay safe.

If you live in Wyoming and have a motorcycle, start comparison shopping for better motorcycle insurance today by entering your ZIP code below!

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