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How to Drive in Wyoming’s Weather Conditions

Here's what you need to know...
  • Wyoming is an interesting state with lots to see and do
  • Weather conditions in Wyoming can sometimes be unpredictable and dangerous
  • Make sure you are aware of the changing weather conditions in Wyoming
  • Check your current insurance coverage and update it to keep your vehicle stay safe in the storms

Wyoming is an interesting state that many people enjoy visiting. It holds some of the most pristine views and many other interesting points of interest that capture the attention of individuals every year.

Wyoming is located in the Rocky Mountains region of the Western United States. It borders the states of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. Its border is composed of straight lines due to its boundaries and shape relative to the neighboring states.

It has many mountain ranges and scenery that draws people to the state annually.

Wyoming also has a cool climate due to its high elevations. There are early freezes in many parts of the state, so vegetation must be protected.

Sunshine averages from 60-75 percent during an average year, and the climate is mild and comfortable. The average temperature is from 60-75 degrees year round, and there are long winters and short growing seasons.

Wyoming has a pleasant temperature and climate that people enjoy whether they are visiting or live in the “The Equality State.”

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Driving Tips for Bad Weather in Wyoming

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When driving in Wyoming, you need to be aware that there are severe weather situations that sometimes occur.

Heavy rain, snow, sleet, or heavy thunderstorms all present dangerous driving conditions that you should be ready for since you never know when they will occur.

The first thing you need to do to prepare for driving in bad weather in Wyoming is to prep your car. Some of the best tips for doing this are listed below.

  • Get your car inspected/repaired — Get your car inspected before you go on any trip to Wyoming. You or your favorite mechanic should check your headlights, windshield wipers, tires, and oil as well as other fluids. Fix any problems as soon as possible.
  • Stash an emergency kit — Secondly, you should have an emergency kit handy in case you need it. Include extra clothes, medicine, emergency cell phone batteries, and plenty of water and food. Also be sure to include a First Aid kit.

When in Wyoming, you should learn about Wyoming’s severe weather by going to the WRDS Weather station in Wyoming. They have a great deal of longitudinal information about Wyoming weather that should help you to prepare.

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What to Do in Certain Weather Conditions in Wyoming

Different weather conditions require different reactions and preparatory measures. Below are some of the most challenging weather conditions and what you should do to stay safe while in Wyoming.

– Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can come up without much warning sometimes. Usually, you will see some of the factors during the day that spawns thunderstorms such as:

  • Rising humidity
  • Daytime heating
  • Decreasing barometric pressure
  • Cloudiness and other signs

But most people are not as in tune to what is going on with the weather on a regular basis.

To be safe during a storm, you should stay alert to changing weather conditions, remain in a safe car or in a sturdy building until the storm passes, and watch for more severe weather that could develop.

– Lightning

Lightning is dangerous because it can strike without warning, but it usually occurs during a severe thunderstorm. If you see lightning strikes near you, stay in the car or seek shelter until it passes.

There is also a danger of lightning-induced fires when lightning hits a forest area or dry brush that can catch fire easily.

If there is a fire or other weather emergencies such as a flood or other dangerous situation, you should know the evacuation plan and what to do to get to safety.

– Floods

Floods are very dangerous conditions that you must be aware of since there are so many areas in Wyoming that may be located close to creeks or rivers. Rivers and creeks can reach their limit quickly after a heavy rain, and you should know what to do to get to safety.

Deaths from floods are usually due to driving into water that is deeper than you think, so knowledge is power.

Listen to official reports of flooding from authoritative sources so that you will know the status of the flood, and do not drive into flooded streets. Follow these flood tips as well to be safe.

– Hail

Hail can occur within heavy and severe thunderstorms, and it poses a danger to life and property. Be wary of thunderstorms near you and listen to see if hail is a factor in the storm.

Stay indoors to protect yourself or in your car if you are trapped out on the road.

– Tornadoes

Tornadoes are the most dangerous winds on earth. Wind speeds within tornadoes can exceed 200 mph.

There is no way to survive a tornado if you are in a car.

If a tornado is near you while driving, it is best to get out of the car and lie flat in a ditch, covering your head.

The best idea is to be aware of changing weather at all times and seek shelter if possible when a warning has been issued.

– Winter Conditions

Winter conditions also pose dangerous weather situations for drivers on the road. Some of the winter weather conditions that you could encounter are listed below.

  • Ice storms and snow — Ice storms can create extremely dangerous conditions on the roads. Rain can freeze on the roads within a short time so be aware of the temperature. Snow can often mix with ice and freezing rain, creating a hazard on the roadways.
  • Avalanches — Avalanches can occur in Wyoming when snow is packed on the high elevations and the temperature increases just enough to create an ice shelf that can slide off the mountain, creating a domino effect. Avalanches are rare but dangerous situations.
  • High winds — High winds can occur at any time, but they are common during the winter when a snowstorm or cold front is moving in. Be aware of the effect of such high winds on your vehicle when driving.
  • Blizzards/Heavy snow — Blizzards can occur when winter storms approach in Wyoming accompanied by heavy snow and harsh winds. Blizzards are very dangerous to drive in so be aware.

When traveling in Wyoming during the winter months, make yourself aware of what could happen and try to avoid severe weather conditions when possible.

There are many examples of Wyoming weather dangers such as high winds tipping over semis, strong winds that create havoc for Wyoming drivers, and people who are trapped in a blizzard or snowstorm.

What will aid you in bad weather?

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Using caution and being aware of the inclement weather in Wyoming will keep you from many dangerous weather situations while you are on the road. You should also check your car insurance and make sure that you have sufficient coverage to handle any unforeseen weather situations while in Wyoming.

Below is a list of tips to follow before you go to Wyoming.

  • Have the right coverage
  • Shop around every six months
  • Review three to four policies
  • Make sure you have the right coverage at the right price

— Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Adding comprehensive auto insurance to your policy is a good idea before traveling to Wyoming or to anywhere that has unpredictable weather.

Hail damage, flood damage, or other nature-inflicted damage can occur at any time, and you must have comprehensive coverage to have it covered.

— Roadside Assistance


Roadside assistance is another type of optional coverage that will cover you for tow trucks, wrecker service, or any other assistance that you need if you are stranded on the roadways while traveling. If you are planning a trip soon, this is an excellent optional coverage to have.

Roadside assistance is an inexpensive insurance option that will take care of you if you are stranded.

Remember, if you are ever in a life-threatening situation due to weather or another situation, you should call 911. Emergency personnel is there to help you. Don’t risk the loss of life if you need help when stranded on the roads.

Only by being prepared, being aware of the changing weather conditions, and shopping and comparing car insurance, will you know for certain that you will be taken care of if you run into unpredictable weather while traveling in the state of Wyoming.

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